Housewarming Gift Ideas

Planning a home visit to someone and looking for some seriously awesome housewarming gifting ideas? Well, if you look beyond the traditional Indian gifts of sweet, fruit and money, we bring you a lot of ideas for a greater start.

Moving is tough. Sure, it’s also a fresh start and a new experience, but we know carrying those belongings up several flights of stairs is hardly easy. Whether you’re the best friend helping the movers pivot the couch in a walk-up, the new next-door neighbor, or just invited to the post move party make sure you reward their successful relocation with a thoughtful housewarming gift.

Here are some of the most preferred and bright housewarming gifting ideas for Indian homes that are sure to impress your loved ones without having burden on your pocket.

1. Mirror On The Wall

Mirror On The Wall

The easiest way to decorate your room – these colourful mirrors come in so many different shapes and sizes and are perfect for fun mirror selfies.


2. Travel Spice Kit

Travel Spice Kit

Restocking the kitchen cabinets after a move can be such a pain, so these herbs and spices are perfect for getting your friends through the first few weeks of quick meals.


3. Colorful Flowers in Reusable Jars

Colorful Flowers in Reusable Jars

Flowers are one those good, bright and actually heartwarming things that never fail to impress and make the receivers happy. Choose small jar flower pots where the pots can be reused later on for other works. This colorful flower pot with beautiful glassware definitely gives you some gifting goals for home!


4. Jewelry Tray

Jewelry Tray

It’s tough to stay organized when half of their possessions are still in boxes. This jewelry tray will keep their daily beauty or jewelry supplies on hand, even when they’re living in transition.


5. Bluetooth Speakers For Bathroom

Bluetooth Speakers For Bathroom

Small and portable speakers are an unusual but highly useful gift item that makes a fabulous pick for those who are in love with the music world. They are available in various size and price options to be suitable for all sorts of budgets. It’s best to choose something tiny so that it does not clutter their bathroom space without making their presence even felt.


6. Serving Bowl

Serving Bowl

A lot of stuff gets tossed during a big move, like plasticware from the kitchen. That’s where you come in, replacing old, stained bowls with gorgeous salad bowls like these that are sure to add a punch of color.


7. A set of scented candles

A set of scented candles

Gifting a scented candles is a unique idea to light up house and fill the house with a wonderful scented air from the fragrance.


8. Pair Of Knives

Pair Of Knives

What house party would be complete without a cheese platter? Package this beautiful knife set with some Brie and tuck in.


9. Welcome Mat

Welcome Mat

This is SUCH a genius idea; it’s both easy and customizable. All you need is a cheap doormat, spray paint, and basic template materials to create a personalized gift that you can be sure gets used every day.


10. Housewarming Basket

Housewarming Basket

If you like the practicality of the bucket idea but want to give something a bit prettier, bundle up some necessities for the guest bathroom, like beautifully packed soap and a potted plant.


11. Wrapped Cookbook

Wrapped Cookbook

This takes a very simple housewarming gift idea, a cookbook, and vastly improves the presentation by wrapping it in a tea towel or cloth napkin.


12. Fur Throw Blanket

Fur Throw Blanket

We feel cozier and calmer just looking at this snuggly throw. Bring on the movie nights.fur throw blanket is the most soothing gift .


13. Barware Collection

Barware Collection

If your pal is more of a cocktail connoisseur than a craft brew fan, this will make a fantastic addition to their new home bar.


14. Wall Decals

Wall Decals

While wallpapers are just not a usual sight in Indian homes, something that is remarkable and loved by Indian people are wall decals. These beautiful and innovative wall decor elements are just everything one needs to pep up the space and make it look noticeable. They can be purchased online within budget friendly prices.


15. Bottle Opener

Bottle Opener

They’ve just landed the dream home, and it’s time to celebrate! Be a bon ami, and show up with a six pack and a beautiful bottle opener that they’ll always associate with their first days at home.