Have you ever noticed that when someone brings flowers into a room, everyone starts smiling when they look at them? We have an automatic reaction, before we even stop thinking about it. According to behavioral research conducted at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, “nature provides us with an effortless way to improve both emotional and physical health – flowers.

Flowers are a “big box of happiness”! Flowers and plants bring delight and a creative boost. And their bright, bold colors bring energy and lift people’s moods.

Here are a few of the benefits of going green in the office:




Introducing plants to your workplace reduces stress. In a study conducted in 2017, significant reductions in stress and anxiety were recorded where plants were in the office;


  • Tension/Anxiety – 37% reduction
  • Depression/Dejection – 58% reduction
  • Anger/Hostility – 44% reduction
  • Fatigue – 38% reduction


The closing statement of the study reads: “This study shows that just one plant per work space can provide a very large lift to staff spirits, and so promote wellbeing and performance”

Buildings and office environments appear more peaceful and simply a better place to be when plants are present. They are more interesting, colorful and relaxing. The effects aren’t just psychological, even physiological effects such as lowered blood pressure is also proven benefits of a greener office. Plants also allow us to perceive our surroundings better, we feel more comfortable and this, in turn, reduces stress and anxiety at workplace.




Symphaty -Flower


Plants and flowers inspire our creativity and motivate our thinking. In an eight- months study, a Texas A&M University research team explored the relationship between flowers and plants and productivity at work place. Participants were given several creative problem-solving tests in a variety of office environments. The conditions included a workspace with flowers and plants, a setting with a sculpture and an area with no decorative embellishments. “During the study, both women and men demonstrated….



generating more original ideas and solutions to problems in the office environment that included flowers and plants. In these surroundings, men who participated in the study generated 15% more ideas. And, while males generated a greater abundance of ideas, females generated more creative, flexible solutions to problems when plants were present.” In numerous studies conducted it has been found that fewer mistakes are made, the tasks are completed faster and, in the case of computer workers, productivity increases by 10% to 15%.




Birthday - Flower


Working in an environment that includes plants and flowers reduces carbon dioxide levels and lowers anxiety and stress levels. People want to go to work in a healthy environment. Long run benefits include increased productivity and reduced health care costs.

Introducing plants to a working environment has been reported to reduce absenteeism by up to 50%, and reduce minor illness by 30%. Most people will agree that an office with presence of plants is a nicer place to be where people feel more happy, healthy and comfortable.

Bring the beneficial impact of flowers and plants into the everyday work life of your employees.

This can be as simple as…

  • a few small vases, each with a single bloom,
  • plants on desks and public areas in the workplace,
  • or a medium size flower arrangement in a common work area that
    people pass through.
  • Workplaces can partner with a floral agency to bring flowers to the workplace at the start of the week, stems for employees to have on their desks and in different parts of the workplace with artistic style to greet clients as they first walk in the door.
  • By bringing in this source of positive emotion, you shift the baseline of people’s emotions to the positive side automatically.